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February 8, 2011
   1. Statewide Broadband Technology Opportunities Program
   1. 2007 Comprehensive Campus Master Plan for Western Connecticut State University, Danbury
Environmental Classification Documents
   1. Proposed Environmental Classification Document for the Department of Transportation (DOT)
    STEP I - Notices of Intent to Transfer Property. 
   1. Route 72 Surplus property, Bristol (DOT File No. 017-086-007A)

   STEP II - Public comments regarding proposed transfers that were posted previously in the Environmental Monitor, and the Office of Policy and Management's (OPM's) responses to those comments. None in this edition


   STEP III - Draft recommendations of the Commissioner of Environmental Protection regarding preservation of properties proposed for transfer.None in this edition


   STEP IV - Final recommendations of the Commissioner of Environmental Protection regarding disposition of properties proposed for transfer, along with comments and responses from Step III.  None in this edition


   STEP V - Final determinations by the Secretary of OPM regarding the ultimate disposition of properties proposed for transfer.  None in this edition


The next edition of the Environmental Monitor will be published on February 22, 2011.
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"Scoping" is for projects in the earliest stages of planning.  At the scoping stage, detailed information on a project's design, alternatives, and environmental impacts does not yet exist.  Sponsoring agencies are asking for comments from other agencies and from the public as to the scope of alternatives and environmental impacts that should be considered for further study.  Send your comments to the contact person listed for the project by the date indicated.
The following Scoping Notice has been submitted for review and comment in this edition.

1. Scoping Notice for Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) Statewide Fiber Optic Network

Municipalities where proposed project might be located: All 169 municipalities

Addresses of Possible Project Locations: Due to the project being located over multiple locations, listing addresses is not possible.  However, the project will utilize existing state and local transportation rights-of-way.  View the project figures for specific locations.

Project Description:  The Connecticut Department of Information Technology, in partnership with the Connecticut Department of Public Safety, the Connecticut Education Network, and Connecticut Public Broadcasting, Inc., proposes to significantly upgrade and expand Connecticut’s existing broadband infrastructure to improve public safety and educational services across the state. The project would provide broadband access to community anchor institutions, ensure network resiliency, and lay the foundation for potential future broadband access by all of the State’s households.

The Proposed Action consists of three major components:

  • Connecticut Public Safety Services Data Network - Expanded Connectivity
  • Connecticut Education Network – Expanded Connectivity
  • Connecticut Department of Information Technology POP2 Installation

Click here for more Project Description.

Project Map(s):  Click on the maps below to view the project areas.

Written comments from the public are welcomed and will be accepted until the close of business on:  February 18, 2011.

Any person can ask the sponsoring agency to hold a Public Scoping Meeting by sending such a request to the address below.  If a meeting is requested by 25 or more individuals, or by an association that represents 25 or more members, the sponsoring agency shall schedule a Public Scoping Meeting.  Such requests must be made by January 28, 2011 by 5:00 pm.

Written comments and/or requests for a Public Scoping Meeting should be sent to:


Richard R. Bailey, Deputy Chief Information Officer


Connecticut Department of Information Technology


101 East River Drive

East Hartford, Connecticut 06108




If you have questions about a public meeting, or other questions about the scoping for this project, contact:


Jeff Bolton, Supervising Environmental Analyst


Connecticut Department of Public Works


165 Capitol Avenue

Hartford, Connecticut 06106






Other information:

National Telecommunications and Information Administration website

The following Environmental Impact Evaluation (EIE) notice has been submitted for review and comment in this edition.

1. EIE Notice for the 2007 Comprehensive Campus Master Plan for Western Connecticut State University (WCSU)

Municipality where project is proposed: Danbury

Address of Possible Project Locations: Westside Campus (Lake Avenue), and Midtown Campus (181 White Street)

Project Description: The Board of Trustees for the Connecticut State University System (CSUS) proposes to implement a program of improvements to the Midtown and Westside Campuses at Western Connecticut State University (WCSU) (the “Preferred Plans”).  These improvements have been released as part of the approved 2007 Comprehensive Campus Master Plan for Western Connecticut State University, prepared by Symmes Maini & McKee Associates, Inc. in September 2007.  The primary goals and objectives of the improvement program are to:

  • Renovate, upgrade, replace, and expand existing facilities;
  • Relocate functions in existing or new facilities in coordination with the WCSU’s space utilization study;
  • Unify and consolidate core uses of the campus;
  • Utilize existing resources, building on existing strengths, and reinforcing the positive image of the University, community, and State; and 
  • Provide a development strategy that establishes need, priority, schedule, and cost effective solutions to the University’s and existing and future needs.

The Campus Plan would be implemented through various projects on campus providing new or renovated academic, administrative, athletic and residential space, new parking garages, landscaping, new quadrangles, linkage of exterior spaces throughout the campus, and demolition of some existing structures.

The Westside Campus project improvements would likely include the following (with approximate gross square feet noted):

  • New Visual and Performing Arts Center with 170,000 gross square feet (gsf) of floor space;
  • Three residence halls, each with floor space measuring 60,000 gsf and with a total capacity of 394 residents;
  • Addition to the Classroom Building of 51,000 gsf;
  • Addition to the O’Neill Center of 25,000 gsf;
  • Two parking garages (one with an associated mini-power plant), each with a capacity for 500 cars;
  • Closing of a portion of University Boulevard and redirection of vehicular and pedestrian flow.

The Midtown Campus project improvements would likely include the following:

  • New Wellness Center (attached to Berkshire Hall), with 39,000 gsf of floor space;
  • Addition to the Student Center of 33,000 gsf;
  • One new residence hall, with floor space measuring 138,000 gross square feet (gsf) and a capacity of 300 residents;
  • One new parking garage (and associated chiller plant) with a capacity for 400 cars;
  • Demolition of the Roberts Avenue Elementary School and closing of the associated street.
  • Demolition of the Richa House and associated garage.

To implement these improvements, the 2015 Campus Master Plan Update is being proposed as part of this EIE.  Below are the preferred conceptual plans for each campus.

Project Map(s):  Click below to view project figures.

Project Vicinity Map (1.4 MB)

Westside Campus:

Existing Conditions (238 kb)

Preferred Alternative (254 kb)

Midtown Campus:

Existing Conditions (327 kb)

Preferred Alternative (338 kb)

Comments on this EIE will be accepted until the close of business on: March 4, 2011.

The public can view a copy of this EIE at:; WCSU Haas Campus Library, 181 White Street, Danbury; City of Danbury City Clerk’s Office, 155 Deer Hill Road, Danbury; Danbury Public Library, 170 Main Street, Danbury; CSUS Offices, 39 Woodland Street, Hartford; and CT DPW, 165 Capitol Avenue, Room 275, Hartford.

There is no public hearing scheduled for this EIE.  The agency will hold a public hearing if 25 or more persons or an association that has at least 25 members requests a hearing.  A public hearing request must be made no later than January 28, 2011 by 5:00 pm.

Send your comments about this EIE to:


Keith Epstein, AIA


Assistant Vice Chancellor for Planning and Technical Services


Connecticut State University System


39 Woodland Street

Hartford, Connecticut  06105




If you have questions about a public hearing, or where you can review this EIE, or similar matters, please contact:


Jeff Bolton, Supervising Environmental Analyst


Connecticut Department of Public Works


165 Capitol Avenue, Room 275

Hartford, Connecticut  06106




Environmental Classification Document

This is a new category to allow for review and comment on proposed Environmental Classification Documents before they are approved for use by state agencies.  Environmental Classification Documents are used by state agencies to determine whether a specific state action requires evaluation under the Connecticut Environmental Policy Act.

The Connecticut Department of Transportation is publishing its proposed Environmental Classification Document (ECD) making it available for review and comment.
To view and download a copy of the proposed ECD, go to The Department's Environmental Planning Website

Comments on this ECD will be accepted until the close of business (5:00 pm) on

March 3, 2011 


Send comments to:

Name:  Mr. Mark W. Alexander - Transportation Assistant Planning Director

Agency:  Connecticut Department of Transportation

Address:  2800 Berlin Turnpike, Room 2147, Newington, CT 06131-7546



State Land Transfer Notices

Connecticut General Statutes Section 4b-47 provides for public notice of proposed transfers of state-owned lands out of state ownership. The notice process takes place in steps. Step I is the notice of intent to transfer, which includes an opportunity for any person to comment. If comments are received, the Office of Policy and Management (OPM) will respond, and the comments and responses will be published as Step II.

The Commissioner of Environmental Protection may choose to evaluate the property more thoroughly and recommend preservation of the property or restrictions on the transfer. Step III is publication of the Commissioner's report and draft recommendations, and includes a 30-day public comment period. Step IV is publication of the Commissioner’s responses to any public comments along with the Commissioner's final recommendations regarding the property.

Step V is publication of OPM’s final determination regarding disposition of the property. Fifteen days after this posting the transfer may proceed.

IMPORTANT:  Most proposed transfers are not required to go through all five steps.  The land may be sold or transferred 15 days after the close of the comment period of Step I if no comments are received.  If comments are received, and the DEP does not elect to conduct and publish a more thorough study of the property, the land may be sold or transferred 15 days after publication of the comments and responses under Step II.

The Office of Policy and Management (OPM) maintains a list of properties that have been through the public comment phases that includes links to comments received and OPM's responses.

The folllowing Step I Notice was submitted for review and comment in this edition.

1. Notice of Proposed Land Transfer, Bristol

Complete Address of Property:East Side of CT Route 220 (Middle Street) and the South side of CT Route 72 (Pine Street)

Commonly used name of property or other identifying information:Route 72 Surplus property (DOT File No. 017-086-007A)

Number of acres to be transferred:11.7± acres

Property Map sheet  1 of 2

Description of Property

Below is some general information about the property.  It should not be considered a complete description of the property and should not be relied upon for making decisions.  If only a portion of a property is proposed for transfer, the description pertains only to the portion being transferred.

Brief Description of Historical and Current Uses:This property was purchased from several different parties for the original  realignment of Route 72 in the mid 1970's. The project was redesigned and this area was not needed for the roadway. A portion of the property was utilized as a staging area for the Route 72 project that was just completed. The area is no longer needed for transportation purposes.

The property to be transferred contains the following:
Buildings in use
Buildings not in use
Wooded land

 Nonagricultural fields

 Active agriculture
 Paved areas
 Ponds, streams or other water

Water Supply:   Public water supply   On-site well    Unknown
Waste Disposal:    Served by sewers    On-site septic system    Unknown

Click to view aerial view of property

The Locational Guide Map of the Connecticut Conservation and Development Policies Plan for Connecticut identifies the property as being in the following category(ies):
Regional Center
Neighborhood Conservation Area
Growth Area
 Rural Community Center
 Rural Area
 Conservation Area
 Preservation Area
 Existing Preserved Open Space

The property is in the following municipal zone(s):

Not zoned
 Not known

Special features of the property, if known

Value of property, if known:
If checked, value is not known.

Links to other available information

Type of Sale or Transfer:

Sale or transfer of property in fee

Sale or transfer of partial interest in the property (such as an easement).  Description of interest:

Proposed recipient, if known:To be sold via public bid

Proposed use by property recipient, if known: n/a

The agency is proposing to transfer the property with the following restrictions on future uses:
If checked, the state is not currently proposing restrictions on future uses.

Reason the State of Connecticut is proposing to transfer this property:The Department is proposing to transfer the subject property as it is in excess of transportation needs and the sale will generate income for the State of Connecticut.

Links to other available information

Comments from the public are welcome and will be accepted until the close of business on February 17, 2011

Comments may include (but are not limited to) information you might have about significant natural resources or recreation resources on the property, as well as your recommendations for means to preserve such resources.

Written comments* should be sent to


Patrick O'Brien


Office of Policy and Management


450 Capitol Avenue MS#52 ASP
Hartford, CT 06106-1379


*E-Mail submissions are preferred. 

(Comments from state agencies must be on agency letterhead and signed by agency head.  Scanned copies are preferred.)

What Happens Next?

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No Step II or Step III Notices were submitted for review and comment in this edition.

No Step IV or Step V Notices were submitted for publication in this edition.

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