State Plan of Conservation and Development

The Office of Policy and Management, Intergovernmental Policy and Planning Division, Office of Responsible Growth, prepares a state plan of conservation and development (State C&D Plan, also known as the state POCD), every five years in accordance with Section 16a-27 of the Connecticut General Statutes.  House Joint Resolution No. 74 (2019 session) would adopt the most recent revision of the State C&D Plan, titled Conservation and Development Policies: The Plan for Connecticut, 2018-2023.  Until such time the 2018-2023 State C&D Plan is adopted, the 2013-2018 State C&D Plan and Priority Funding Areas remain in effect.

DRAFT 2018-2023 State C&D Plan (under consideration by the General Assembly)

2013-2018 State C&D Plan (effective June 5, 2013 — present)

2013-2018 Locational Guide Map & Priority Funding Areas (interactive web viewer)
2013-2018 Locational Guide Map & Priority Funding Areas(static statewide overview)
More on the 2013-2018 State C&D Plan

2018 Annual Report

2012 Annual Report

2005-2010 State C&D Plan (effective through June 4, 2013)