Resources for Connecticut State Agencies: Notices

The link below includes the presentation slides that describe the process for developing notices for publication in the Environmental Monitor using the Sitecore Authoring Tool: Presentation 2-6-20 (REVISED-06/13/2023)

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The following notice templates below should only be used if you are unable to create a Notice using the SiteCore Authoring tool or to organize the content for a Notice. If pasting from the word template into a webpage/Notice in Sitecore, always paste as plain text.

NEW Agency Specific ECD Notice

Scoping Notice

Scoping Notice - Post-Scoping Notice (Need More Time) (Note: Need more time notices should be saved in the agency-specific scoping folder)

Post-Scoping Notice

Cancellation Notice - Non-CEPA (To be used for projects that are cancelled for Non-CEPA related reasons only. The Non-CEPA cancellation notice is to be listed under the notice type in which it last appeared in the Environmental Monitor. Check the CEPA Project Inventory worksheet below to determine the most recent notice type for the cancelled project)

(Note: CEPA-related cancellations should appear in a Post-Scoping Notice or a Record of Decision)

Environmental Impact Evaluation (EIE)

EIE Notice of Public Hearing

Agency Record of Decision

OPM Determination of Adequacy

Property Transfer Step I

Property Transfer Step II

Property Transfer Step III

Property Transfer Step IV

Property Transfer Step V

CEPA Project Inventory: OPM maintains a list of projects that have entered the CEPA process. It shows each project's status. The inventory can be found here.