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Sitecore Training Videos

We have listed some videos from the Sitecore YouTube channel to help you navigate your way through the many functions and features, offering helpful tips and step-by-step basics of content creation. Please keep in mind that some videos may show a different version of Sitecore that what you're used to or show features your role may not have.



Sitecore Training Videos Playlist

View all of our Content Author training videos in one playlist below. Use the menu in the upper left corner of the video player to skip ahead.



Sitecore Overview Training Videos

Below are our Sitecore overview training videos for Content Authors, System Administrators, and Content Approvers, separated by topic.

Sitecore Login Process
Sitecore Experience Editor Overview
Sitecore Experience Editor Ribbon Overview
The Rich Text Editor
The Rich Text Editor Session Timeout
Sitecore Media Library Ribbon Overview
Sitecore Training and Fundamentals Website Overview


Content Author Training Videos

Below are our Content Author training videos, separated by topic.


Activating the Experience Editor Navigation Bar
Activating the Experience Editor Navigation Bar
Creating a New Page (Lift-and-Shift Agencies)
Page Editing Areas
Edit Page Properties, Page Title, File Name
Insert a Hyperlink, Email Address, Phone number, and Anchors
Insert an Image on a Page
Insert a Data Table
Lock and Unlock a Page
Upload an Image and add Alternate Text
Upload a Document File
Updating Document File Properties
Overwriting Document Files
Deleting Linked Media Library items



Full Migration Task Template Training Videos

Below are our Content Author training videos for the Task template used by Full Migration Agencies, separated by topic.


Creating a New Page (Full Migration Agencies)



Adding Page Properties



Selecting Navigation Sources



Tagging the Page



Content Approver Training Videos

Below are our Content Approver training videos for reviewing submitted pages.


Approving a Page through Email Notification



Approving a Page through the Workbox