Sitecore Style Guide


As a Content Author, Content Approver, or System Administrator, you work hard to make sure the information you share online is current, complete, accessible, and easy to understand. Our shared goal is to help your audience members get the information they need efficiently, and that is the driving force behind our design and style methodology.


Unified Look and Feel Encourages Meaningful Interaction

Consistent templates across agencies help users quickly find common and frequently-sought information, even when interacting with specific agencies for the first time.


Recognition Creates Context and Promotes Trust

Adhering to selected colors, typefaces, templates, and layouts builds brand recognition and lets users know they are on an official State of Connecticut agency site, no matter which content they are viewing.


Federally Compliant

Pre-defined styles are Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 compliant, making your content accessible while taking out the guesswork. Learn more about the State of Connecticut Accessibility Policy.