Correctional Services

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  • Department of Correction FAQs

    Family members and friends of those who have been incarcerated, students, and the public can get answers to the top 21 frequently asked questions about the Department of Correction (DOC). 

    Agency: Department of Correction
  • Family and Friends Information

    Family and friends of inmates can access a comprehensive set of information about how to see and communicate with their loved one who is incarcerated. The Department of Corrections (DOC) provides information about inmate accounts, community re-entry, telephone calls, child support, visiting schedules, voting rights, inmate family assistance/transportation and more.

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  • Inmate Accounts

    Anyone interested in sending money to an inmate can do so using the Inmate Trust Fund (ITF) through the Department of Correction (DOC). Funds are accepted through ITF by certified check, cashier's check, attorney check, employer check, refund check, social security check, tax refund, unemployment check or veteran's administration check via U.S. mail. Makes checks payable to the inmate and include: inmate first name, middle initial, last name, inmate number, date of birth, sender's full name and address. Send checks to: Inmate Trust Fund, P.O. Box 290800, Wethersfield, CT 06129-0800.

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  • Inmate Phone System

    Friends and family of inmates can receive calls through the SECURUS phone system. Those receiving calls must create an account online or by phone. There are three account options: AdvanceConnect™, Traditional collect and Direct Bill.

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  • Inmate Search

    Citizens can search for current inmates using their Connecticut Department of Correction (CT DOC) number, name and date of birth. Information regarding offenders currently incarcerated with the Department of Correction (DOC) is made available as a public service and in the interest of public safety. You are cautioned that the information on this site may not reflect the current status regarding an offender. Release dates are subject to change and not all statues are processed in the computer system.

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  • Victim Services

    The Victim Services Unit provided by the Department of Correction (DOC) seeks to give victims of crime empathy, dignity, respect as well as a voice in correctional policy-making. The Victim Services Unit notifies victims of any changes in the status of incarcerated or imprisoned inmates that could impact the victim's safety and security. Confidential request for Notification of Status of an Inmate form, Victim Update Change of Information form and the Victim Services Unit Handbook.

    Agency: Department of Correction