How do you attract the top people in your field—and then keep them? Put an amazing quality of life at their feet. Connecticut ranks 3rd in the U.S. for quality of life.

From its enviable position in the heart of the northeast corridor, Connecticut offers all who live here a dynamic blend of attractions, activities and experiences in close proximity, including:

  • 96 miles of scenic shoreline
  • 169 cities & towns, ranging from cosmopolitan urban centers to quant small towns
  • 825 miles of blue-blazed hiking trails running through 88 towns
  • 4 distinctly different seasons, yet with a relatively mild Northeast climate
  • Connecticut is also the healthiest state in America, with one of the lowest obesity rates and a high number of dentists and doctors per capita. To employers, those statistics translate to fewer sick days impacting productivity. To employees, it all means a great quality of life.

Man fishing in a river