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“Speak Out CT”, is a new Public Service Announcement competition for Connecticut college age students.  Students are invited to develop a 30 second Public Service Announcement designated to engage and motivate others their age to register and vote.

Since 18-20 year olds won the right to vote in 1971, the participation of young voters has steadily trended downward, up until the 2008 election.  For 18-24 year olds, particularly, voting is a habit they have not yet developed.  They need to have repetitive messages and reminders to encourage them to make voting part of their civic lives.

There are an estimated 95 million “millennials” and about half of them are of  voting age.  They are the largest and most diverse generation in history and will represent 1/4 of the electorate in 2012.  By 2020 the millennia generation will account for more than 1/3 of the electorate.  Through new technology they are more intimately connected with each other than any generation before.  It is Secretary Merrill’s goal to use social networking strategies to communicate an effective “new voter” message.

To encourage maximum creativity, the following requirements have been established:

  • Contestants MUST be a college student and either 1) enrolled in a university or 2- or 4-year college located in Connecticut; or 2) be a Connecticut resident
  • PSA video must be a maximum 30 seconds in length
  • Submissions may be made by an individual or group and  must be an original work and not violate any applicable U.S. law
  • PSA video must include the Election Date (Tuesday, November 6, 2012)
  • PSA video must be non-partisan and not promote a political party or an individual candidate’s ideas
  • Must submit 2 copies of a DVD mailed to the SOTS office no later than 5 PM on April 16, 2012.

The Secretary will promote the winning video through online media outlets in hopes that it will “go viral”, and the State’s largest cable provider, Comcast, will air the winning PSA in the fall of 2012.

For more information contact:

Kevin Bronson

Secretary of the State Office

State Capitol Building, Suite 104

210 Capitol Ave

Hartford, CT 06106


Phone: (860) 509-6261

Speak Out Connecticut 2012 Contest Rules