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Lesson Plans & Additional Resources


Connecticut Humanities

The goal of TeachIt is to bring Connecticut history into the classrooms through inquiry-based activities that allow students from elementary school to high school to apply disciplinary concepts, evaluate evidence, and draw informed conclusions.


Civics For All

Seattle School District

Civics For All offers a curriculum designed to facilitate civics lessons into any existing or new lesson for students at any age level.


Local History, Exploring What’s Just Outside Your Door

Library of Congress

Local History encourages students to learn more about where they live to help students understand they have a role in history and that they make history every day.’s-just-outside-your-door/


Connecticut Historical Society

State of Connecticut

The Connecticut History Society has developed educational programs that are inquiry-based to help students develop skills in observation, evidence-based reasoning, and critical thinking. They provide museum tours and outreach programs.


Connecticut Public Libraries

State of Connecticut

Connecticut’s Public Libraries provide great resources for students to learn more about Connecticut history and civic engagement. The libraries frequently host events that educate students on a variety of topics and give students access to books, magazines, and other materials needed to succeed.


Museum of CT History

Connecticut State Library

The focus of the museum is on educating citizens and displaying objects focused on Connecticut’s political, industrial, and military history. Each year over 20,000 students visit the exhibits to learn about the role Connecticut has played in the development of America from the colonial era to present.


Connecticut Landmarks

Antiquarian & Landmarks Society

Connecticut Landmarks is a state-wide network of eleven historic properties that span four-centuries of New England history. The properties aim to inspire interest and encourage learning of America’s past through historic preservation and by presenting programs that engage the public.


DEEP Education

Department of Energy and Environmental Protection

DEEP provides educator workshops and student field trips to help educate students on environmental protection and energy usage. The department has an environmental educational center, historical museums, and state parks.


Working Lands Alliance

WLA Steering Committee

The WLA aims to education residents of Connecticut on the importance of farmland and the need for proactive polices that support a thriving farm economy in Connecticut. They engage high-school students through an essay contest, among other efforts.


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