English Language Proficiency Assessment - LAS Links


English Learner Resources
  • Connecticut DRC LAS Links Website

  • DRC Insight PortalThis portal is available to individuals registered with a username and password. The English Learner Assessment Coordinator assigns permissions for various secure functions. The LAS Links Test Administration is one of the applications within this portal. Other applications in the INSIGHT Portal include, Test Management, Student Groups, Student Management, User Management, General Information, Interactive Reporting, On-Demand Reports, and Testing Status.

  • LAS Links Placement Test (digital PowerPoints)
    • Training Video 
    • Placement Test materials - Access LAS Links Placement Test materials by grade band (K-1, 2-3, 4-5, 6-8, and 9-12). Each grade-band folder includes the following:
      • answer sheet to be completed by the Test Administrator;
      • the Profile Sheet;
      • the Test Examiners Manual;
      • the Writing Sheet;
      • the Training Video;
      • a Placement Test Chromebook Version (pptx);
      • a Placement Test PowerPoint (ppsx); and
      • a Placement Test PowerPoint (mp3pptx).
  • PreLAS Materials
    • 2023-24 preLAS Order Form
    • preLAS Audio File Form C for Remote Test Administration and preLAS Cue Picture Book for Form C for Remote Test Administration - Directions Below:
      • Log into the DRC INSIGHT Portal
      • Under "My Applications", Then select "General Information"
      • Then select "Documents"
      • Then use the drop-down menu to select these resources
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