NOTICE: Coronavirus Guidance for School Districts: Per Governor’s executive order, in-school class cancellations remain in effect through the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.

Emergency Meal Programs: The State Department of Education is authorizing two distinct categories of COVID-19 Emergency Meal Programs in accordance with federal requirements: 1) COVID-19 Emergency Meal Program Limited to Students Attending School in Specific Districts. School districts on this list are only authorized to serve meals to students attending their schools, and any other child age 18 years or younger residing in the same household; 2) COVID-19 Community-wide Emergency Meal Program for Children. Any child age 18 years or younger can receive meal(s) at any meal service and distribution sites in these towns/cities. They do not have to be a resident or attend school in these towns/cities. Check these links often as more locations continue to be added.


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  • 10 Principles of Mastery-Based Learning

    To help schools establish a philosophical and pedagogical foundation for their work, the Great Schools Partnership created the following “Ten Principles of Mastery-Based Learning,” which describe the common features found in the most effective mastery-based systems.

  • Academic Office

    Home page of the State Department of Education's Academic Office

  • Additional Communications Tools

    Brochures, handouts, and presentations about how Mastery-Based Learning meets the needs of students and how it is different from traditional education

  • Agricultural Science and Technology Education

    Agricultural Science and Technology Education prepares students for careers in the areas of agriculture mechanics, animal science, aquaculture and marine technologies, natural resources and environmental systems and plant science.

  • Bilingual Education Programs

    Statutory requirements for educating English Language Learners (ELLs) not served in required programs of bilingual education.

  • Business and Finance Technology

    Business and Finance Technology Education in Connecticut is offered through the middle school and comprehensive high school. These courses are an integral part of the total academic structure that provides students with the competencies to be competitive in a business-oriented society.

  • Coaching and Self-Reflection Tool for Competency in Teaching English Learners

    Aligned to Connecticut’s CCT Rubric for Effective Teaching, this tool is for professional development and growth as well as guiding observations and discussions.

  • College Opportunities

    Find information and links to college opportunities

  • Commissioner's Summer Math Challenge

    The Commissioner's Summer Math Challenge stresses the importance of maintaining math skills during the summer.

  • Communication - Mastery-Based Learning

    A variety of communications toolkits are available to assist schools and school districts in explaining the changes necessary to implement Mastery-Based Learning.

  • Communications Toolkit - Mastery-Based Learning

    The materials in the communications toolkit can help start the conversation about Mastery-Based Learning in your community.

  • Comprehensive School Health Education

    Guidance and resources for developing, implementing, and evaluating a planned, sequential school health education program.

  • Computer Science

    Computer Science is a key to developing and integrating 21st Century Skills (e.g., technology, communication, collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, innovation, creativity, persistence).

  • Connecticut Apprenticeship and Education Committee

    The committee coordinates the education of middle and high school students about careers in manufacturing.

  • Connecticut Arts and Standards

    The Connecticut State Department of Education supports arts learning through education focused on the whole child to promote artistically literate citizens well equipped with the creativity, communication, and critical thinking skills needed to live rich, meaningful lives.