Physical Education

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  • Guidelines for Adapted Physical Education

    The purpose of these guidelines is to clarify and to underscore the importance of physical education—in the context of meaningful physical participation within a community of peers—for students with disabilities in a school environment.

  • Physical Education

    Curriculum and instruction, provided in a safe, supportive environment, offer meaningful, challenging learning for all students, and result in lifetime learning outcomes of skills, literacy, and ability to understand concepts and develop plans for lifetime physical activity and wellness.

  • Physically Active School Systems (PASS)

    The Connecticut Red Ribbon Physically Active School System (PASS) program award recognizes physical fitness as an essentiual element of schoool success. Superintendents from PASS eligible districts may nominate their schools or districts for the Red Ribbon PASS award.

  • Pool Safety Policy and Guidance

    Public Act 13-161: An Act Concerning Pool Safety at Public Schools (2013).

  • Teachers Evaluation Resources for Physical Education