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  • Mathematics

    Every student needs and deserves a rich and rigorous mathematics curriculum that is focused on the development of concepts, the acquisition of basic and advanced skills and the integration of problem solving experiences.

  • Physical Education

    Curriculum and instruction, provided in a safe, supportive environment, offer meaningful, challenging learning for all students, and result in lifetime learning outcomes of skills, literacy, and ability to understand concepts and develop plans for lifetime physical activity and wellness.

  • Physically Active School Systems (PASS)

    The Connecticut Red Ribbon Physically Active School System (PASS) program award recognizes physical fitness as an essentiual element of schoool success. Superintendents from PASS eligible districts may nominate their schools or districts for the Red Ribbon PASS award.

  • Pool Safety Policy and Guidance

    Public Act 13-161: An Act Concerning Pool Safety at Public Schools (2013).

  • Reading Leadership Implementation Council

    The Reading Leadership Implementation Council shall develop and publish annual goals for the Center for Literacy Research and Reading Success.

  • Red, White & Blue Schools

    The Red, White & Blue Schools program is a civic engagement initiative led by Secretary of the State Denise Merrill and the State Department of Education.

  • Remote Learning Commission

    Public Act 21-2, SB 1202, Sec. 387 requires the establishment of the Connecticut Remote Learning Commission by the Department of Education. The law requires the commission to analyze and provide recommendations concerning the provision of remote learning to public school students enrolled in grades kindergarten to twelve, inclusive

  • Resources for Schools and Educators

    The information below will help get you started on your journey learning about MBL in Connecticut.

  • Resources for Students, Parents, and Communities

    In a Mastery-Based Learning environment, students demonstrate mastery based on competencies and performance standards built from the Connecticut Core Standards and Connecticut Content Standards (social studies, arts, science, and career and technical education).

  • Science Safety

    Students and teachers must be aware of the potential for safety problems in the science classrooms and laboratories. Schools should review available safety resources and develop safety training for their teachers and students as well as safety rules for the classroom.

  • Science Standards and Resources

    A foundation in scientific literacy prepares students to be confident and capable lifelong learners who are equipped with the skills needed to access, understand, evaluate and apply information in various contexts.

  • Social Studies Standards and Resources

    Social studies is the integration of knowledge and human experience for the purpose of citizenship.

  • Student Success Plan

    The Student Success Plan (SSP) is an individualized student driven plan that will be developed to address every student’s needs and interests to help every student stay connected in school and to achieve postsecondary educational and career goals.

  • Teachers Evaluation Resources for Physical Education

  • Teaching the Holocaust and Genocide

    Lesson ideas and resources to help teach the Holocaust and genocide in in the secondary grades.