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Afterschool Snack Program (ASP)


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The ASP operates under the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and provides cash reimbursement to help schools serve snacks to children in afterschool activities aimed at promoting the health and well-being of children and youth in Connecticut’s communities. Schools must provide children with regularly scheduled activities in an organized, structured, and supervised environment that includes educational or enrichment activities, e.g., mentoring/tutoring programs. Programs must meet state or local licensing requirements and health and safety standards. Competitive interscholastic sports teams are not eligible. For more information, refer to the CSDE’s Afterschool Snack Program Handbook.

Note: The ASP meal pattern requirements for grades K-12 are different from the ASP meal pattern requirements for preschoolers. The ASP preschool meal pattern is the same as the CACFP snack meal pattern for ages 3-5, and has stricter requirements.  The CSDE's document, Comparison of Meal Pattern Requirements for Preschoolers and Grades K-12 in the Afterschool Snack Program of the NSLP, contains a summary of the ASP meal patterns for each grade group.

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Meal Patterns for the ASP


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