Connecticut Core Standards

Meeting the Needs of All Students: A Webinar Series

The CSDE in partnership with the PCG Education is pleased to announce a new webinar series. This series is designed for all CT educators and will focus on meeting the needs of all students. Leading experts in a variety of CT Core Standards topics will share strategies and resources to support making learning accessible to all students.

Date Topic Webinar Description Webinar Recording
February 4, 2016 CELP and CT Core Standards: Meeting the Needs of English Learners This webinar will focus on the background of the new CELP Standards and how they differ from previous ELL Standards. Information will be presented on CELP guiding principles and how they work together with the content standards for ELLs in Connecticut.
* Due to technical difficulties a recording of the second half is not available, a PowerPoint presentation is available instead.
March 3, 2016 Providing Access to the CT Core Standards for Students with Disabilities This webinar will deepen participants’ understanding of how to create a positive, rigorous learning environment while meeting the needs of variable learners, including UDL principles and guidelines and effective scaffolds.
March 31, 2016 Supporting English Language Learners and Their Families Webinar participants will focus on developing a clear understanding of the challenges that English Language Learners face, as well as the challenges that teachers face when designing, implementing, and assessing curriculum. Strategies to support students and their families will be discussed.
April 28, 2016 Meeting the Needs of all Learners in Diverse Classrooms This webinar will make connections between the importance of ensuring that students with disabilities are instructed in the least restrictive environment and how to build capacity within schools to address the impact all stakeholders have as it relates to results driven accountability for students with disabilities.
May 19, 2016 The Challenge of Addressing Change Webinar participants will focus on the measures they are currently using to decide if something "worked"? Adopting new behaviors and changing instructional strategies is hard work. It requires attention, concern, revision, letting go, and new beginnings, which provides a challenge for all staff. Leaders will learn strategies to address this challenge and build a deeper understanding as to how they approach the change process can make a big difference within the school or district.
June 9, 2016 Data-Driven Action Planning- Sustaining the Momentum This webinar will help participants to determine strategies to assess progress on their school-wide goals and develop key messages to show what has been accomplished and what still needs support. Participants will focus on available resources, tools, approaches and strategies that they can use to sustain their school-wide effort over time.