K-12 Model Curricula Hub

K-12 Curriculum HubWelcome to the K-12 Curricula Hub! A place where you can access high quality, high impact model curricula to support learning experiences on site, blended and remote.  

We recognize the need and importance of being able to access and benchmark against curriculum models. The CSDE developed a universal K-12 Curriculum Design Framework to support curriculum evaluation, renewal and development at the district level. This resource was made available in fall 2020. 

Model curricular units of instruction by grade, content and course are made available to all educators. The model units will be made available in phases beginning in January 2021 The model curriculum is intended to be supplement, not a replacement to locally developed curriculum.   

WHY: All learners will have access to high quality, high impact curriculum that is aligned with educational standards and promising practices for instruction daily to accelerate learning and advance equity.  

WHO: All K-12 CT Educators  

WHEN: Everyday, Anytime, Anywhere  

HOW: Approved educational standards are made available in this Hub and in specific Academic webpages.  

A CSDE Model Curriculum repository will be deployed in the coming school year. This repository will be searchable by role, grade, content and standard to support ease of access and use. All model curriculum can be used to evaluate, inform, renew local curriculum. The model units can also be implemented as supplemental units to the locally developed curriculum.   

OUTCOME: All CT Educators will deepen their understanding of the Educational Standards required for high quality, high impact curriculum and instruction. All CT Learners will have access to high quality, high impact curriculum and learning opportunities daily.