Greetings! The Connecticut State Board of Education has undertaken a months-long process of developing it's 2023-2028 Five-Year Plan. After several months of meetings and retreats, engagement with thousands of stakeholders through surveys and focus groups, input by Connecticut State Department of Education staff and leadership, the latest draft, which includes goals, action items and outcomes, has been developed. Please use the link below to access the latest draft of the plan. We welcome your review and comments using the fillable form . Draft Comprehensive Plan 2023-2028

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The Connecticut Summative Assessment system includes the following assessments:

2023 - 24 Assessment Calendar

Content Areas (s) Assessment Grade (s) Testing Window
English Language Proficiency: Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing LAS Links
Connecticut Alternate Assessment of English Language Proficiency (CAAELP)
K-12 January 2–March 1, 2024 February 1-March 29, 2024
English Language Arts (ELA) & Mathematics Connecticut Smarter Balanced  3–8 March 25–May 31, 2024
Connecticut SAT School Day  11 March 4-April 19, 2024 (Within the test window, schools can choose primary and make-up test dates.)
Connecticut Alternate Assessment (CTAA)  3–8 and 11 March 25–May 31, 2024
Science NGSS Assessment  5, 8, and 11 February 5–May 31, 2024 (Grade 11) March 25–May 31, 2024 (Grades 5 - 8)
Connecticut Alternate Science Assessment (CTAS)   5, 8, and 11 Upload Dates: March 25–May 31, 2024 (The CTAS can be administered all school year.)

Physical Fitness Connecticut Physical Fitness Assessment 4, 6, 8, and high school  Anytime during the school year.
Language skills, Literacy skills, Numeracy skills, Physical/Motor skills, Creative/Aesthetic skills, and Personal/Social skills Kindergarten Entrance Inventory  kindergarten

Snapshot Date: 10/16/2023 Submission Due Date: 12/8/2023 

General Assessment Resources

Sensible Assessment 

  • Sensible Assessment Practices - The purpose of this document is to offer guidance to educators including general education teachers, special education teachers, interventionists, instructional specialists, and related service providers on how they can “assess” their incoming students when the new school year begins without necessarily having to “test” them.


Assessment Policy Overview  

Special Population Resources

United States Department of Education Peer Review Status Letters