Educator Learning Hub

Educator Learning HubWelcome to the Educator Learning Hub! A place to access relevant professional learning resources on demand. High-quality professional learning is a process that ensures all educators have equitable access throughout their career continuum to relevant, individual and collaborative opportunities to enhance their practice so that all students accelerate their learning advance towards positive academic and non-academic outcomes. 

WHY: As we Reimagine CT Classrooms, developing our understanding and practice will be important to ensure all learners have access to high quality and high impact learning opportunities.  

WHO: All Educators PK-12  

WHEN: Anytime, Anywhere, 24/7 

HOW: Reflect and determine the need and area of focus on learning or growth. View the on demand resources to develop a personalized learning pathway. Educators can access the learning as an individual or with a team.  

OUTCOME: Educators will develop key competencies in the areas of teaching, planning learner-focused instruction to accelerate learning on site and in remote blended learning environments.