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Evidence-Based Practice Guides

The CSDE Evidence-Based Practice Guides are intended to inform school and district decision-making regarding instructional and student support programming and to optimize the use of local, state, and federal school improvement funds.

Humanities - TeachRock

  • Why? TeachRock integrates the Arts in the curriculum using history of popular music and culture to support teachers in their ability to engage students.
  • Who? K-12 Educators
  • When and How? Available anytime, anywhere teacher created lesson plans and curricular resources to integrate the arts with core content topics. Select TeachRock to search the database of available lessons by grade, subject, genre, activity and topic.
  • Outcomes - Increased student engagement by making deeper connections to the content through music and music history

Khan Academy Professional Learning On Demand

  • Free Professional Learning Sessions for Teachers

Reach Out to Families: Parent Teacher Conversations about Learning

  • A key module in Building Powerful Partnerships with Families video coaching toolkit is a protocol for Parent-Teacher Conversations about Learning. The website includes a step-by-step guide for a structured 45 minute grade-level or classroom “learning conversation” as well as videos of actual conversations between teachers and parents.

Smarter Tools for Teachers

  • Discover searchable classroom resources you can use today, including educator-created lessons, activities, strategies, and professional development to help tailor instruction and boost learning. 


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