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Forms and Instructions

Exhibit A - STIF Investment Policy Click Here
Exhibit B - Investor Registration Form Click Here
Exhibit C - On-Line Account Access Authorization Click Here
Exhibit D - STIF Wire Transfer Instructions Click Here
Exhibit E - Investor Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) Click Here
Exhibit F - Investor Transaction Confirmation Click Here
Exhibit G - Investor Monthly Statement Click Here
Exhibit H - Investor Signature Card Click Here
Exhibit I - Grant Express Program Application Click Here
Exhibit J - Clean Water Fund Express Program Authorization Click Here
Exhibit K - Debt Service Express Program Authorization Click Here
STIF Investor Guide Click Here
*Fillable PDF forms can be saved to a computer or tablet, and emailed to

For more information, and to find all these Documents in one easily-accessible PDF document, please read the STIF Investor Guide, which provides a comprehensive overview and key information about the STIF program.

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