Geographic Information Systems Office

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OPM's Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Office was established in 2022 following passage of Public Act 21-2 during the 2021 June Special Session.  It is directed by a Geographic Information Officer (GIO) and resides within the Data and Policy Analytics Unit of OPM.

The GIS Office is responsible for:

  • coordinating the collection, compilation and dissemination of GIS data across the state, including from and to state agencies, regional councils of governments, municipalities and other constituencies;
  • managing a publicly accessible geospatial data clearinghouse;
  • using GIS to support economic development development efforts in the state;
  • provide training and outreach on the use of GIS;
  • administering a statewide orthoimagery and lidar program;
  • adopting geospatial data standards, guidelines, and procedures;
  • performing technical data processing to aggregate and organize existing datasets and create new datasets; and
  • develop broadband data and mapping in accordance with Public Act 21-159

The GIO establishes goals for the GIS Office through consultation with the Geographic Information Systems Advisory Council established pursuant to Section 79 of Public Act 21-2.


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Geographic Information Systems Advisory Council


GIS Office Staff

Alfredo Herrera, Geographic Information Officer
Phone:  860-418-6302

David Lukens, Broadband Mapping Coordinator


Phone: 860-418-6271