*Has your contact information changed? Don’t miss important news about your benefits. Please update your contact info online now! If you’re a HUSKY A, B or D member, go to www.accesshealthct.com and sign in to your Access Health CT User Account. If you’re a HUSKY C member, SNAP or cash assistance client, go to www.connect.ct.gov or www.mydss.ct.gov and sign in to your DSS MyAccount.

*24/7 access to DSS: You can apply for & renew services online through our ConneCT portal (www.connect.ct.gov). Get case/benefit status, view notices, report changes, download budget sheets, upload & send documents & more! Our 24/7 Client Information Line gives you access to many service & eligibility needs (1-855-626-6632). And check out MyDSS--our new mobile-friendly app--access your account anywhere, anytime, on any device (www.ct.gov/mydss).

Common Elements

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  • About ConneCT - DSS Service Modernization

    The Department of Social Services' customer service modernization initiative - called ‘ConneCT’ - provides applicants, clients and the general public with multiple access points to the federal and state programs we administer.

  • LEAN Program

    A concept that has become popular in light of the recent budget issues experienced at every level of civil service is the pursuit of Lean Government. This simply means implementing methods to improve processes based upon “what the customer values,” seeking to optimize value delivered to the public.

  • Quality Assurance Administrative Actions List

    The Administrative Actions List is a list of vendors that have had a decision against them for not complying with DSS regulations.

  • Report Client Fraud or Abuse

    Please use this form to report client fraud or abuse.

  • Report Vendor Fraud or Abuse

    Provider or Vendor Fraud is an “intentional” deception or misrepresentation which results in an unearned benefit to a provider or vendor, usually in the form of an excess payment, through the Medical Assistance Programs.

  • The Office of Organizational & Skill Development (OSD)

    The Office of Organizational & Skill Development (OSD) vision, mission, and goals are an extension of the Connecticut Department of Social Services (DSS) vision, mission, goals and priorities.

  • The Office of Quality Assurance

    The Office of Quality Assurance (“QA”) is responsible for ensuring the fiscal and programmatic integrity of programs administered by the Department of Social Services (“Department”). In addition, QA is responsible for ensuring the integrity of administrative functions of the Department.

  • To Report Fraud or Abuse of Programs

    The Department of Social Services is strongly committed to identifying and eliminating fraud, whether it be committed by a client, provider or vendor.