The Office of Organizational & Skill Development (OSD)

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OSD is structured into five engagement areas.  Each engagement area provides OSD’s comprehensive core services aligned to the engagement area.  Each engagement area is staffed with subject matter experts. 

Programmatic Services Area

The Programmatic Area is dedicated to the delivery of OSD services in the major programs and functions that DSS administers.  Examples are below. 

  • Eligibility
    • OSD Staff- Dorota Bateman; Scott Chambers; William Diaz; Cheryl Disharoon; Patty Dunn; Patrice Holiday-Womack; John Levesque; T. Scott McDonald; Leah Muller; Michele Rock; Frank Sciuto; Hugh Smolin

      Programs & Functions

      • Medical – ACA, Medicaid, MAGI Medicaid, HUSKY, Long Term Services and Supports, Medicare Savings Program, Waiver Programs, Community Options, Spend-downs
      • Financial - Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, Boarding Homes, State Supplement, SAGA
      • SNAP
      • All facets of each program – Interviews;Correspondence;Income and Asset Tests;Timeliness;Accommodations;Case Notes;Household Composition;Categorical, Procedural and Technical Eligibility Rules; Forms; Special Populations
      • Application Processing;Renewals;Periodic Review (SNAP PRF);Case Maintenance;Change Processing; Medical Reviews; Referrals – Resources, Fraud;
      • Systems – HIX / Tier 1 system for ahCT and ImpaCT (all functionality)
  • Child Support

    • OSD Staff- Jolene Monahan Wilding

      Program & Functions

      • Cooperation, Exemptions, Pursuit, Under Investigation Locate, Under Investigation Paternity, Genetic Testing, Guidelines Calculations, Petitions, Service of Process, Distribution, New Order, Non Assistance Applications, With Obligation, Caseload management, Performance Measures, Working with the Military, Court Process, Diaries, UIFSA, Client Interviews, With Obligation Adjustments
      • Systems – CCSES & ImpaCT
  • Social Work
    • OSD Staff- Lavonne Womack

      Program & Functions

      • Protective Services for the Elderly
      • Community Based Services
      • Family and Individual Social Work Services
      • Conservator of Person and Estate
      • Emergency Housing
      • Reporting Child Abuse and Maltreatment
      • Social Work Skills - Cultural Competency; Person Centered Planning; Psychosocial Assessment; Record Keeping; Ethical Decision Making; Grief and Loss; Situational Awareness; Trauma and Addiction
      • Systems – Services System and ImpaCT

  • Resources and Fraud Investigations
    • OSD Staff- Florie Colacurcio

      Program & Functions

      • Real Property Investigations
      • Asset Investigations
      • Probate Court Investigations
      • Trusts and Estates
      • Assignments of Interest
      • Closed Case Reviews
      • Funeral Payments
      • Support Modifications (Breakouts of Assistance)
      • Service of Process
      • Investigations - Overpayment – Intentional or Unintentional
      • Cost Avoidance by Early Detection
      • Administrative Disqualifications/Hearings (ADH)
      • Court Prosecutions
      • Trafficking – SNAP/EBT
      • Care for Kids
      • FRED
      • Systems – EMS and ImpaCT

    Leadership and Professional Development Area

    The Leadership and Professional Development area is dedicated to the delivery of OSD services in the workplace fundamentals, requirements, and professional development.  Examples are below. 

  • OSD Staff- Ana Allendorf
    • Employee Fundamentals Orientation - Cultural Competency - Voices of Diversity; Situational Awareness: Preventing and Defusing Hostile Exchanges; other required fundamentals are delivered via E-Learning
    • Leadership – Pre-Supervisory Series; Supervisory Series; Manager’s Special Topics
    • Professional Development – Mindfulness; Theoretical Explanations of Poverty;Project Management; Inclusion and Bias; Customer Service; Critical Thinking

Media and Graphics Production Area

The Media and Graphics Production Area produce videos; design newsletters, logos and other graphics, and presentations; manage the content for the electronic signage of the DSS offices, and deliver photography services.  

  • OSD Staff- Wil Echevarria and Hiram Negron

 E-Learning and DSSLearnCenter Management Area

The E-Learning and DSSLearnCenter Management Area is dedicated to the development, delivery, and maintenance of content of E-Learning and the management of the DSSLearnCenter.

  •  OSD Staff - Samantha Allard; Cheryl Greene; Jolene Monahan Wilding
  • E-Learning Examples - Confidentiality; Employee Human Rights Protection and the DSS Affirmative Action Program; HIPAA Privacy, Security and Breach Notification Requirements; Annual DSS Client Data Disclosures and Protections; Universal Design and Rights and Responsibilities Under the ADA and Rehabilitation Act.

Specialized Services Area

  • CT Fatherhood Initiative
  • Quality Assurance – Audits Training and Support for Providers
  • Project Support – Training, Change Management, Readiness and Implementation
  • LEAN Support