NOTICE: Taxpayers are strongly encouraged to visit the DRS website for answers to many questions. You may also email DRS at If contacting DRS by phone, please plan for wait times that may be longer than usual. See DRS FAQ's, which now include important information regarding Connecticut sales tax. Frequently Asked Questions


What is myconneCTmyconneCT is the new Connecticut Department of Revenue Services’ (DRS) online portal to file tax returns, make payments, and view your filing history.

myconneCT is one part of the DRS IT modernization project. DRS will fully transition its internal tax system and external systems to better serve taxpayer needs and improve the customer experience. The switch will take place in multiple phases over the next four years.


Coming Soon! Businesses and Bulk Filers will be required to use myconneCT to file and pay the following taxes:

  • Sales and Use (Business Use)
  • Withholding
  • Room Occupancy Tax (B&B Occupancy)
  • Prepaid Wireless E-911 Fee
  • Admissions and Dues
  • Tourism Surcharge
  • Rental Surcharge
  • Dry Cleaning Surcharge

If you file and pay online for any tax type not listed above, you should continue using the TSC as you do now. Some taxpayers may need to use both myconneCT and TSC during this transition.

What improvements can you expect from myconneCT:

  • Only one logon ID needed per taxpayer
  • New Action Center
  • Filing reminders sent 5 days prior to due date
  • Viewing amended returns
  • Viewing DRS correspondence (letters)
  • Updated secure mailbox (web messages)
  • Tax account management for paid preparers is easier
  • Mobile-device friendly
  • Now able to file online for Dry Cleaners, Tourism, Rental Surcharge

Stay tuned! We will continue to add updates as they become available!