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The following myconneCT tutorials have been created to assist you with various features offered in myconneCT.

General  PDF
 Creating a myconneCT Username (for Individuals) pdf
 Creating a myconneCT Username (for Businesses) pdf
 Adding Access to Another Business or Tax Account pdf
 Adding a secondary logon pdf
 Sending and Viewing a Secure Web Message pdf
 Viewing a Submission pdf
 Deleting a Submission pdf
 Go Paperless pdf
 Setting up Two-Step Verification pdf
For Individuals
Returns and Payments  PDF
 Filing an Individual Income Tax Return pdf
 Making a Bill Payment (Non-Logged In) pdf
 Making a Payment Plan Payment (Logged In) pdf
 Making an Estimated Payment (Logged in) pdf
 Filing an Extension to File or Pay pdf
 Requesting a myconneCT Payment Plan pdf


Refunds  PDF
Where’s my Refund (Non-Logged In) pdf
Where’s my Refund (Logged In)
What’s my 1099-G Amount?
coming soon
Submit a CT-3911 Report Missing or Stolen Refund Request
Submit a CERT-106 Refund of Use Tax Paid on Motor Vehicle


Upload EITC Documentation pdf


Request a Letter of Good Standing pdf
For Businesses and Bulk FiIers
Registration, Licenses, Permits  PDF
Registering a New Business pdf
Adding a New Tax Account or Location pdf
File a REG-30 Dry Cleaning Renewal Application pdf
Closing an account pdf
Apply for or Renew a REG-8 Farmers Tax Exemption Permit


Returns and Payments  PDF
 Filing a Sales Tax Return pdf
 Filing a Withholding Reconciliation pdf
 Making a Payroll Withholding Payment pdf
 Filing a Corporation Business Tax Return pdf
 Filing a Pass-Through Entity Return pdf
 Filing a Domestic Insurance Tax Return pdf
 Filing a Motor Vehicle Fuels Tax Return pdf
 Filing a CT-15 Return with Schedule H pdf
 Filing a Bottle Deposit Return pdf
 Filing a Cable Satellite Return pdf
 Filing a Community Antenna Return pdf
 Filing a Solid Waste Return pdf
 Filing a Transportation Network Companies Return pdf
 Requesting an Extension to File pdf
 Making an Estimated Payment pdf
 Making a Non-Logged In Bill Payment pdf


File uploads  PDF
 Submitting W-2s: “Key and Send” pdf
 Submitting W-2s: File Upload pdf
 Submitting PACT Act reports pdf


 Renewing an IFTA License pdf
 Ordering Additional IFTA Decals Coming soon
 Filing a Quarterly IFTA return pdf


Submit a Power of Attorney Form pdf
Submitting a Cigarette Stamp Order
Coming soon
Requesting a Penalty Waiver pdf
Requesting a Status Letter (of Good Standing)
Requesting a Dissolution Letter

If you bulk upload files on behalf of your clients and plan to register as a Third Party Bulk Filer, the following tutorials will also be helpful for you.

Bulk Filing
 Registering as a Bulk Filer in myconneCT pdf
 Navigating the Bulk Filer Menu pdf
 Bulk Uploading Sales Tax Returns pdf
 Bulk Uploading Payroll Payments pdf