Child Tax Rebate - A new child tax rebate was recently authorized by the Connecticut General Assembly. The Department of Revenue Services to hold Live Virtual Event about the 2022 Child Tax Rebate on July 7, 2022, Click here to learn more.

Gas Tax - For updated information on the Suspension of the Motor Fuels Tax click here

Sales tax relief for sellers of meals: - Click here for updated information

myconneCT - Learn more about myconneCT

IMPORTANT: myconneCT does not support Individual Income Tax or the following business taxes at this time: Attorney Occupational Tax, Beverage Container, Business Entity Tax, Electronic Generation Tax Return, Hospital Net Revenue, Nursing Home User Fee, and Resident Day User Fee Tax.

For a list of business tax types supported by myconneCT, visit the FAQs "About" section.

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What is myconneCTmyconneCT is the new Connecticut Department of Revenue Services’ (DRS) online portal to file tax returns, make payments, and view your filing history. myconneCT is one part of a multi-year, multi-phase information technology (IT) modernization initiative.

Need help? See Tutorials and FAQs. Still need help? Call our hotline: 877-729-6691.

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Creating your myconneCT username

  1. Obtain your Connecticut Registration Number or Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN), legal business name, and PIN from TSC. You will use your PIN to authenticate access when creating your myconneCT Username.
  2. Visit the Tutorials page and watch the

    Creating a myconneCT Username

  3. If you currently use a debit block, please provide your bank with the new code for myconneCT: T061380598 (for more information, click here).

myconneCT improvements

  • Only one logon per taxpayer
  • Online filing reminders
  • View amended returns
  • View DRS correspondence (letters)

  • Send secure messages
  • Mobile device friendly
  • Simpler account management for paid preparers

Taxpayer services available in myconneCT:

  • Add new accounts and locations
  • Update names and addresses
  • Update owner/officer information
  • Request a penalty waiver

  • Close tax accounts
  • Request a letter of good standing
  • Request a dissolution letter

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