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State Vital Records Office

Welcome to Connecticut’s State Vital Records Office


The Connecticut Department of Public Health’s State Vital Records Office maintains the statewide registries for births, deaths, marriages and fetal deaths for all vital events occurring in Connecticut from July 1, 1897 to present.


Each of Connecticut’s 169 towns operates a vital records office that issues certificates for birth, death, marriage, and fetal death events that occurred in that town.  The towns also retain copies of birth, death,  marriage, and fetal death certificates for events occurring in Connecticut to persons who were a resident of that town at the time of the event. 


Vital records prior to July 1, 1897 are maintained only at the vital records office of the town where the vital event took place. The Connecticut State Library maintains indexes and some collections of historical vital records which may help identify where an event took place. To learn more about the collections of vital records available at the Connecticut State Library, visit its website at



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