Healthy Connecticut 2025

Healthy People in Healthy, Equitable Connecticut Communities

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Healthy Connecticut 2025 builds upon the Healthy Connecticut 2020 initiative, launched in 2014, to advance health promotion and disease prevention through cross-sector partner collaboration and by specifically addressing the social, economic, and environmental determinants of health that create and perpetuate poor health outcomes for CT residents.

Our Vision

Through effective assessment, prevention, and policy development,
the Connecticut Department of Public Health and its stakeholders and partners
provide every Connecticut resident equitable opportunities to be healthy throughout their
lifetimes and are accountable to making measurable improvements toward
health equity.

Guided by this vision for health equity, CT DPH staff, Coalition partners, and external stakeholders collaborated to develop the State Health Assessment (SHA), the actionable foundation for the State Health Improvement Plan (SHIP). 

Thank you to the many organizations and individuals who participated in the partner and public engagement process and contributed to the development of the health assessment. Read the full 2019 State Health Assessment, or select chapters by topic area below:

Describing Connecticut

Maternal, Infant and Child Health
Environmental Health
Drinking Water
Chronic Diseases
Infectious Diseases
Behavioral Health, Trauma, and Injury
Health Systems
Climate and Health

Navigating Toward Health Equity


SHIP Coalition Summit: Navigating Towards Health Equity

Kicks Off State Health Improvement Planning 2020-2025

On September 20, 2019, the SHIP Coalition came together to consider a selection of findings from the draft State Health Assessment 2.0 (SHA 2.0) and take the first step in planning for future health improvement priorities to be included in the State Health Improvement Plan 2.0 (SHIP 2.0). The theme of many conversations through the day references the challenges faced in achieving health equity for all Connecticut residents. According to the CDC, health equity is achieved when every person has the opportunity to "attain his or her full health potential" and no one is "disadvantaged from achieving this potential because of social position or other socially determined circumstances."

Summit Meeting Materials

SHIP Summit Agenda
SHIP Summit Summary
    Results: Social Determinants of Health Exercise
    Results: Jigsaw Exercise
SHA Findings Data Packet
Overview and Background of the SHIP
2017-2019 SHIP Policy Agenda
SHIP Action Team Highlights
Social Determinants of Health and Group Activities
Suggested Self-Study Courses and Webinars on Innovation and Systems Thinking