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The official Immunization Information System for Connecticut.

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General Questions on CT WiZ

Access to CT WiZ for Health Care Providers

General Questions for Health Care Professionals

What is CT WiZ?

CT WiZ is the statewide Immunization Information System (IIS) designed to meet national standard requirements for effective tracking and administration of immunizations in a public health setting. It is a web-based database that maintains complete, accurate, and secure immunization records for patients vaccinated in Connecticut.  All personal information including immunization status and dates of immunization of individuals shall be confidential as required by Connecticut law.

CT WiZ meets the IIS National Standards with the following features!

  • View and print official immunization certificates for schools, childcare, camps, college, work and travel.
  • Order your vaccines, report doses administered and track your inventory all in one system.
  • Enables bi-directional (query and response) electronic data exchange with your electronic health record system (EHR).
  • Electronically query your patients' previous immunization records and consolidate them into one record.
  • Assess your coverage rates with Immunization Coverage Rate Reports.
  • View the “Recommender”, which forecasts vaccinations that are invalid, due and overdue to help avoid under and over-vaccinations.
  • Run reminder/Recall Reports.

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All personal information including immunization status and dates of immunization of individuals shall be confidential as required by Connecticut law. Only the parent(s)/child’s legal guardian, child’s doctor, or health care workers who can assist with missed opportunities or missed immunizations have access to CT WiZ information.

What are the benefits of CT WiZ?

Research has shown that both patients and doctors overestimate the rates at which they are fully immunized. Patients are often unaware of immunization schedule recommendations and doctors often overlook 1-2 immunizations.

CT WiZ can:

  • Give providers easy access to a permanent record of your/your child’s shots even if you move away from Connecticut or your doctor retires.
  • Let a doctor find your/your child’s history in a secure system if you forget the record.
  • Give parents the official immunization records needed for child care, school or camp.
  • Give patients the official immunization records needed for college, work requirements or travel.

How do I know if I or my child is enrolled in CT WiZ?

CT WiZ has been a statewide immunization information system since 1998. All children born in CT are automatically enrolled from birth certificate records. Patients vaccinated in CT are enrolled when their provider reports their vaccines administered to CT WiZ.

What are the CT WiZ reporting requirements, regulations and mandates?

Find the reporting requirements, regulations and mandates at State of CT Regulations regarding CT WiZ.

How are patients notified of their automatic inclusion in CT WiZ?

CT WiZ is an “opt out” system, per State regulations; this means that patients are automatically included unless they decide to opt out. A Notice to Patients About Reporting to CT WiZ is posted at healthcare provider offices that are reporting immunization doses administered to patients through a secure, confidential electronic interface. In addition, Connecticut hospital birth packets and home birth packets include this information for new parents. The Notice to Patients About Reporting to CT WiZ notifies parents of their child's automatic enrollment in CT WiZ.


How can patients enroll in CT WiZ?


Some patients, either new to Connecticut or who previously opted out, may wish to enroll or re-enroll in CT WiZ. See below for the enrollment form and directions to complete the process.


Click here for an English CT WIZ Enrollment form.
Click here for a Spanish CT WIZ Enrollment form.
Click here for an Albanian CT WIZ Enrollment form.
Click here for an Arabic CT WIZ Enrollment form.
Click here for a Bengali CT WiZ Enrollment form.
Click here for a Chinese (Traditional) CT WIZ Enrollment form.
Click here for a Haitian Creole CT WIZ Enrollment form.
Click here for a French CT WIZ Enrollment form.
Click here for a Hindi CT WIZ Enrollment form.
Click here for a Polish CT WIZ Enrollment form.
Click here for a Portuguese CT WIZ Enrollment form.
Click here for a Russian CT WIZ Enrollment form.

Mail the completed form with a copy of your (or the parent/guardian’s for a minor) proof of identification to:

Department of Public Health, Immunization Program
410 Capitol Avenue, MS# 11 MUN
Hartford, CT 06134
Attn: CT WiZ


Fax: (860) 707-1925 

How do patients opt out of inclusion in CT WiZ?

CT WiZ records are kept confidential by law. Only healthcare workers and the patient themselves can access immunization records. The information will not be shared with any other people or any other agency unless you have signed a Release of Information. Patients who are in CT WiZ are able to access their immunization record electronically using the secure online CT WiZ Public Portal. If you opt out, CT WiZ will no longer maintain your immunization record and you will not be able to access your immunization record from the CT WiZ Public Portal. 

The immunization record of the patient shall be reported to and maintained by CT WiZ unless the patient, or for a minor, their parent or guardian submits a written request to the CT Department of Public Health (DPH) requesting that the immunization record no longer be maintained. Should someone wish to opt out, the written request should include the person's full legal name, date of birth, and address so staff can locate the individual that is opting out in the system. Routine emailed messages are not considered to be a secure mode of communication. For the confidentiality of your patient information, please do not email your opt out request. Requests to opt out should be mailed or faxed to:


410 Capitol Avenue, MS # 11 MUN

Hartford, CT 06134-0308


Fax: 860-707-1925.

Once the request is received, CT WiZ shall no longer update nor make available that immunization record as specified in section 19a-7h-4 of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies.

Should you wish to opt back in, please call the DPH Immunization Program (860) 509-7929 or submit the CT WiZ Enrollment Form, found at: CT WiZ FAQs. Proof of identification is required to opt back into CT WiZ.

Will reporting to CT WiZ violate HIPAA requirements?

No.  Physicians are authorized to disclose immunization histories to the CT WiZ Program and its authorized agents without patient authorization or opportunity to object because:

  • It is required by law.
  • It is part of public health activities.

The information that we request is what is minimally necessary to satisfy the objective of the state registry. Practices should however keep an accounting of each disclosure that is made to CT WIZ.

Click here for more information regarding the impact of the HIPAA Privacy rule on public health.

Who has access to the information in CT WiZ?

Connecticut state law requires that information in CT WiZ be kept confidential. Only you, your doctor, health care workers who can assist you with missed appointments or missed immunizations, and your school nurse have access to CT WIZ. The information will not be shared with any other people or any other agency unless you have signed a Release of Information. Please click here for the form in English-Spanish (pdf).

How do I request a user name and password to login to CT WiZ?

For more information about how to request a CT WiZ User account, access issues and troubleshooting: CT WiZ User Account Only system users need to request a user account; people seeking their immunization record through the CT WiZ public portal do not need user access.

What are the benefits of CT WiZ to our clinics?

The following are benefits for your pediatric practice:

  • View or print the Official Immunization Record which includes the immunization status as reported to CT WiZ.
  • Obtain immunization histories on patients who transfer to your clinic from any other clinic in the state.
  • Have easy access to the first hepatitis B shot given in the birth hospital.
  • View the patient’s Immunization Medical Home and use the Recommender to see the earliest, recommended, overdue, and latest dates to administer that vaccine to that patient.
  • Refer “late” patients to outreach services by our Local IAP Coordinators.
  • You can run your own Reminder/Recall Report to find patients that are not up to date.

What is the cost of using CT WiZ in my office?

The only cost associated with using CT WIZ is the monthly fee of your Internet Service Provider (Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla, etc.)

Are practices that administer vaccines required to report to CT WiZ?

Yes.  Connecticut State regulations states that all offices that administer vaccines to children must report them to the state registry.

Click here for the CT WiZ Confidentiality Agreement CT WIZ.

How are vaccination histories of patients reported to CT WiZ?

Healthcare providers request access to CT WiZ and the CT Department of Public Health (DPH) reviews and approves their access to CT WiZ. These provider users must sign a user agreement and confidentiality agreement to access CT WiZ. Providers either report immunizations into CT WiZ directly or from their electronic health records (EHRs) electronically into CT WiZ.

If your previous record is not in CT WiZ, for additional tips on locating old immunization records:

If you were vaccinated in another state:

A new patient transferred into my office, how can I obtain their immunization record?

Check CT WiZ to see if the patient’s immunization record is up to date. View the training materials on how to search for a patient, view the immunization record, and view the recommender here: CT WiZ Patient Management

The Official Immunization Record includes the patient's immunization status as reported to the CT WiZ Program, including name and date of each vaccine dose given or permanently exempted, and name and birth date of the patient.


My office is extremely busy and short-staffed, who can I call to assist with conducting outreach on patients lost to follow up?

Immunization Action Plan Coordinators, or IAP’s, are people contracted through the State Health Department to raise immunization rates in target areas of the state that are at risk for being under-immunized. There are 9 IAP areas in the state of Connecticut. One of the ways IAP’s help to raise rates is to help the pediatric providers in their offices.  IAP’s can:

  • Conduct outreach on hard-to-reach kids in need of immunizations (i.e. phone calls, post cards, home visits.)
  • Identify the correct primary care provider when the office has not seen the child in their office.
  • Serve as a local resource for the latest information on immunization. They will provide you with regular updates on new recommendations, new vaccines, and changes in the law, etc. 

Click here for a list of IAP Coordinators in the state, Outreach Staff Contacts and for a Map of towns/cities served by IAP coordinators.

   Where can I get help with CT WiZ?

How do I access help in CT WiZ shows you where in CT WiZ to get screen level information and videos to help you.

You can also find printable training materials at CT WiZ Training.

If you are having technical issues with the system, find help at CT WiZ Technical Support.