At the national level, the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has developed a website for consumers that contains information on most hospitals in the United States.  It includes quality measures that show how often hospitals provide the recommended care for patients with specific medical conditions such as heart attack, heart failure, or pneumonia.  The website also directs you to other useful websites that tell you your rights when you are a patient in a hospital and where to seek help if you have a complaint about the quality of care you receive in a hospital.  Click below for more information.

At the state level, the Department of Public Health has published a Hospital Performance Comparisons Report that contains information similar to that found on the national Hospital Compare website, but specific to Connecticut hospitals.  It compares Connecticut hospitals to statewide and national benchmarks and provides a discussion about the results found.  Click below to see the report.

Also at the state level, the Connecticut Hospital Association (CHA) has the latest hospital performance information pertaining to Connecticut’s not-for-profit hospitals (i.e., Sharon Hospital is not included).  It will be updated on a quarterly basis.  Click below to link to CHA’s website.