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Long Term Care Provider Electronic Plan of Correction(ePOC)


CT Department of Public Health is pleased to announce the implementation of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Electronic Plan of Correction (ePOC) project.

The electronic Plan of Correction (ePOC) system provides a convenient, centralized workplace, which enables CMS and the State Survey Agency (SSA) to electronically manage and track POCs for ePOC-enrolled health care providers under their oversight. ePOC will be used for all Health, Life Safety Code, Revisits, and Complaint surveys.


Benefits of ePOC

  • See CMS 2567, Statements of Deficiencies (SOD's) online;
  • Submit Plan of Correction (POC) online;
  • Eliminate the need for paper based communications regarding POCs;
  • Review letters added to the survey by the SSA or CMS Regional office;
  • Attach documentation to support their Plan of Correction; and
  • Print the 2567 from the ePOC website.


Blast Fax Communications


Click here to view Blast Fax sent on 11/28/18


ePOC training materials for Providers


Click here for Introduction to ePOC


Click here for Use of ePOC



CMS has created a webinar to explain how nursing facilities will use the system for processing their plans of correction using the ePOC process. CMS requires each provider to designate at least 2 persons as ePOC facility users. 


Click here for ePOC Training Video(Choose title CMS ePOC Training Video for Providers) (Need Adobe Flash Player to run this video)


Click here for ePOC Procedures Guide for Facilities



CMS requires each provider to designate at least 2 persons as ePOC facility users. Each designated facility user must enroll to receive the rights to gain access to the ePOC system. Make sure these designated facility users have completed the online training.


In order to enroll in ePOC online a facility user will need two accounts:


1. CMSNet account (for network access)
2. QIES User account (ePOC online access)


Click here for Steps to Access the ePOC Application


Once the designated facility ePOC users have completed the enrollment , please complete the survey for Attestation of Electronic Plan of Correction(ePOC) Facility User Enrollment


Click here for Attestation of Electronic Plan of Correction(ePOC) Facility User Enrollment


So please make sure all the facility users have watched the training video, enrolled to login to ePOC and their respective facilities are enabled to ePOC process.


ePOC Assistance


  • For assistance with the CMSNet Secure Access Service Login or installation of the Juniper Network Client contact the CMSNet Help Desk at 888-238-2122.
  • For assistance with the ePOC User Registration contact the QTSO Help Desk at 888-477-7876.
  • For any assistance(Reportable/Adverse Events, LTCF COVID-19 daily reporting, ePOC, MDS assessments, Complaints submission) please submit a ticket to FLIS at