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Facility Licensing and Investigations Section (FLIS) 

The Facility Licensing and Investigations Section (FLIS) holds jurisdiction over the licensing and clinical care and services provided by Connecticut's healthcare institutions. FLIS licenses, tracks, investigates, and regulates over 1,900 licensed facilities. In partnership with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) FLIS is also responsible for the certification of certain institutions as required by federal law.

The Facility Licensure Processing Unit is responsible for the Initial; Renewal; Change of Ownership; Change in Services; Changes in Beds

The following healthcare institutions require a Connecticut license from the Department of Public Health. Please note that you must to register with eLicense if you do not have a current account.

Behavioral Health Facilities:
Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic for Adults (POCA)
Facilities for the Care or Treatment of Substance Abusive Persons (SA)
Mental Health Day Treatment (MHDT)
Mental Health Residential Living Centers (MHRL)
Mental Health Community Residence (MHCR)

End of Life/Terminal Care Facilities:
Hospice (HSPC)

Home Health and Assisted Living Facilities:
Assisted Living Service Agencies (ALSA)
Home Health Care (HHC)
Homemaker Home Health Aide Agency (HHHA)

Hospital Facilities:
Chronic Disease Hospitals (CDH)
Children’s Hospital (CH)
General Hospitals (GH)
Maternity Hospital (MAT)
Hospital for Mentally Ill Persons (PSY)


Outpatient Care Facilities:
Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASC)
Hemodialysis (HEMO)
Infirmary Operated by an Educational Institution (INF)
Outpatient Clinics (OPC)

Long Term Care Facilities:
Chronic & Convalescent Nursing Homes (CCNH)
Chronic & Convalescent Nursing Home & Rest Homes with Nursing Supervision (CCRH)
Nursing Home Management Companies (NHMG)
Residential Care Homes (RCH)
Rest Home with Nursing Supervision (RHNS)

Licensure renewals for all levels of care are conducted through the Connecticut eLicense Portal. If you have not received a renewal notice for your existing license, please contact the pertinent individual in the first table below: 

Questions pertaining to the applications should contact:

 NHMG; INF; FP & WCC & Key Personnel Changes  
 Change of Ownership Questions


 POCA; SA; MHDT; MHRL & MHCR & RCH *Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with Intellectually Disabled (ICF/IID) This level of care does not receive a State License.

Questions pertaining to the Regulations should contact:


ASC & Urgent Care & OPC/FP/WCC/INF 


RCH & Long Term Care



Long Term Care

Long Term Care

Building & Fire Safety

Main Line to DPH/FLIS



The following forms are needed to complete online facility licensure applications

Ownership Form 1 (Partnership/LLC)

Sanitarian Report (School Infirmaries)

Ownership Form 2 (Trusts)

EXAMPLE of a Certificate of Insurance

Ownership Form 3 (Corporations; profit or non-profit)

Initial Home Health Care Agency Worksheet and Instructions

Local Fire Marshal’s Certificate

Initial Homemaker Home Health Aide Agency Worksheet & Instruction

Change in legal or d/b/a name form

Affidavits for Long Term Care Facilities

Increase/Decrease in Bed Form

Attestation of Licensure Applicant

LTC Change of Ownership Checklist

Initial Outpatient Surgical Checklist

LTC Change of Ownership Instructions