Facilities User-Login And Password Information
The following is a guide for MDS & OASIS users who log into the Connecticut State System to submit Medicare data to CMS. The page points to information about User ID's and passwords. Questions can be directed to the appropriate location.



Effective 02/25/2010 MDCN was renamed CMSNet. AT&T manages CMSNet Broadband.


For a lost, forgotten or new CMSNet password:


Email: mdcn.mco@palmettogba.com

Phone: (800) 905-2069




Effective May18, 2010 the State of Connecticut will convert all OASIS users from Facility shared passwords to individual user passwords. The “OASIS Individual User ID Registration Users Guide” contains information describing the conversion. The link to “CMS OASIS Personal Login ID Maintenance Forms web site” points to all the forms needed for this change.


Also, see "Information About The OASIS Personal ID Registration." The purpose of this document is to answer questions about the switch from Agency shared User ID and password to individual User ID and passwords.


For additional questions phone the Connecticut DPH State I.T. Helpdesk (860) 509-7777 and ask to open a work order for Gene Madlon, or email Eugene.Madlon@ct.gov, or email the QTSO Help Desk help@qtso.com, or call the National Helpdesk (800) 339-9313.




All Connecticut MDS facilities use individual login ID’s. To add or delete a user use the link to “CMS MDS Personal Login ID Maintenance Forms web site” and submit the required form.


If you forget your password:

  • On the MDS submission page look for “Unable to login/QIES User Maintenance.” This is a link to a screen with your personal security questions.
  • Or, use QUMA- Self Help for forgotten password – QIES User Maintenance Application (QUMA) found at http://www.qtso.com/ website, and on the QIES to Success website https://web.qiesnet.org/qiestosuccess/ in the ‘QIES Infocenter section as “QIES User Maintenance.
  • Or, Email: help@qtso.com
  • Or, Phone the National Helpdesk: (800) 339-9313