Pandemic Flu CERC Training and Tabletop with Dr. Vincent Covello - July 30-31, 2008
Don't Share - Pictogram flyer with general flu prevention messaging
Flu Watch: Be Prepared For Pandemic Flu Campaign
*To order pandemic influenza brochures, please send an email to or call (860) 509-7270.  Be sure to include the language(s) that you are ordering, the quantity for each language, a mailing address, and a person's name to whom the brochures will be sent.
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Other Resources
Flu Wiki - Wiki related to pandemic influenza.
Promising Practices: Pandemic Preparedness Tools - This online database has more than 180 promising practices that can help your department, members of your organization, or your clients prepare for an influenza pandemic. These practices are submitted by health departments and other organizations nationwide and reviewed by experts, who approve only the most useful, transferable tools.