Small Business Express Relief Program


Express/Hurricane Sandy Business Relief Program

The EXP/Hurricane Sandy Business Relief Program provides grants to Connecticut's small businesses adversely affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Small Businesses with operations in Connecticut, registered to conduct business for not less than twelve months as of October 29, 2012, in good standing with all state agencies and with the payment of all state taxes, and employing not more than 100 employees, are eligible to apply.  Priority for available funding will be given to those eligible applicants who are within Connecticut's economic base industries, as defined in Connecticut General Statutes 32-222, including but not limited to: precision manufacturing, business services, green and sustainable technology, bio-science, and information technology sectors.


Applying for Financial Assistance

The EXP/Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief Program Procedures and Guidelines will assist you in the application process and will answer many of your questions.


To apply to the EXP/Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief Program, each applicant must complete and submit:

ssb-spinny EXP/Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief Application Form

ssb-spinny Financing Plan and Budget Form

ssb-spinny Hurricane Sandy Disaster Recovery Grant Supplement

ssb-spinny All other required information as listed and highlighted on the application form


Each application package may be transmitted either by:

ssb-spinny Completing the EXP application online and then transmitting the required supporting documents transmitted separately via email, U.S. mail, courier or hand delivery to the ECD, or

ssb-spinny Completing and including the one-page EXP application with the required supporting documents and transmitting via email, U.S. mail, courier or hand delivery to the ECD.

ssb-spinny If your business exports internationally, please fill out the Strategic Export Plan.


All documents and information related to each application should be sent to the attention of:

Toni Karnes
450 Columbus Boulevard, Suite 5
Hartford, CT 06103

If you have any questions, please contact Toni Karnes at 860-500-2439 or via email at

Additional forms and information:

Application Form
Disaster Recovery Grant Supplement
Fact Sheet
Financing Plan and Budget Form
Procedures & Guidelines