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Bona Fide Nonprofit Organization

Essential Statutes

Please reference the relevant Connecticut Statutes (36a-487(b)(2) and Section 36a-487(e) of the Connecticut General Statutes).

Certified Submission Required

Bona fide nonprofit organizations making residential mortgage loans that promote home ownership for the economically disadvantaged seeking an exemption from licensure for mortgage lenders and mortgage correspondent lenders must submit to the Commissioner a certified submission along with supporting documentation.


Any organization that demonstrates to the satisfaction of the commissioner its status as a bona fide nonprofit organization shall, not later than December thirty-first of each year, submit to the Commissioner a renewed certification and documentation to update all information last filed in support of such status and timely report any change in any information previously submitted.


Please mail all information to:

Connecticut Department of Banking
Consumer Credit Division
Attn:  Richard Cortes
260 Constitution Plaza
Hartford, CT 06103-1800

Telephone:  (860) 240-8200 or toll free (800) 831-7225
Fax:  (860) 240-8215


Contact Richard Cortes by phone at 860-240-8138 or via e-mail to for additional assistance.