Banking, Securities and Related Laws


Connecticut General Statutes

Connecticut General Statutes (Revised to January 1, 2023)

2023 Public Acts of Interest:

Public Act 23-23, An Act Concerning Service of Bank Executions, Wage Executions and Tax Warrants by State Marshals and Authorized Service of Process by Indifferent Persons

Public Act 23-28, An Act Concerning Remote Notarial Acts

Public Act 23-45, An Act Concerning Mortgages, the Residential Heating Equipment Financing Program, the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority and Mobile Manufactured Homes (Note that Section 4 of Public Act 23-45 was repealed by Section 29 of Public Act 23-126)

Public Act 23-78, An Act Concerning Credit Card Access to Home Equity Lines of Credit

Public Act 23-82, An Act Concerning Digital Assets

Public Act 23-84, An Act Concerning the Department of Consumer Protection’s Recommendations Regarding Real Estate licensing and Enforcement

Public Act 23-98, An Act Concerning Charitable Organizations, Telecommunications and Attorney General’s Recommendations Regarding Consumer Protection

Public Act 23-119, An Act Concerning the Common Interest Ownership Act

Public Act 23-126, An Act Concerning Various Revisions to the Banking Statutes

Public Act 23-161, An Act Concerning Financial Exploitation of Senior Citizens

Public Act 23-191, An Act Concerning Consumer Agreements, Consumer Bills, Telecommunications and Ticketing

Public Act 23-201, An Act Requiring Certain Financial Disclosures

The Connecticut General Assembly compiles the statutes and public acts, which are available online at  Official copies of the General Statutes of Connecticut, available either as individual volumes or a 16-volume set, may be purchased from the Secretary of the State's Office.

Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies

The regulation compilations linked here have been prepared by the Department of Banking. They are not intended to be a substitute for the official Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies available on the Secretary of the State's website through the eRegulations System and should not be relied upon as such. The compilations are intended to provide industry and its representatives with the regulations adopted by the Banking Commissioner.