Advisory Opinions

As a convenience to the public, the Department of Banking is making available for download two indexes to the advisory opinions and decisions issued by the Banking Commissioner.

One index contains advisory opinions concerning banking, credit union, consumer credit and landlord-tenant issues that have arisen under Title 36a of the Connecticut General Statutes, the regulations implementing Title 36a, and other statutes or regulations under the jurisdiction of the Department of Banking.  This index also contains decisions that are the actual approvals and denials issued by the Banking Commissioner with respect to various banking and credit union transactions.  At present, the index covers the time period between February 1976 and September 2023.  All advisory opinions and decisions are categorized by subject matter and public act, regulation and statute numbers.

A second index contains business opportunity advisory opinions issued by the Banking Commissioner between July 17, 1981 and January 15, 2002 concerning issues that have arisen under Title 36b of the Connecticut General Statutes.  All advisory opinions are categorized by subject matter and public act and statute numbers.

Please note: The text of individual advisory opinions and decisions is not available on-line.  If you locate a particular opinion or decision of interest and would like to obtain a copy, please contact the Department at (860) 240-8256 or by e-mail.  Please provide your name, mailing address, e-mail address and telephone number.  The fee charged by the Department of Banking for copies of a public record is $0.25 per page.

If you do not see an opinion on point or if you would like to determine if an opinion on a specific topic, statute or regulation has been issued since the index was last updated, please contact the Department as noted above. 

Banking, Credit Union, Consumer Credit and Landlord-Tenant Opinions Index
revised to September 2023 
(341 pages)

Business Opportunity Opinions Index - historical
revised to January 15, 2002 (34 pages)