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Agency Licenses and Permits
The agency oversees the issuance of permits related to dairy, livestock, poultry, domestic pet-related operations, agricultural commodities, and seafood.  For more information about any of the licenses or permits below, please follow the link for the respective license and contact information will be provided.
Aquaculture Licenses: Link to the Bureau of Aquaculture's Applications,
Forms, and Licenses page.  Questions regarding seafood licenses can be directed to the Bureau of Aquaculture at 203-783-9976.
Incorporated Societies Report  is due to DoAg by the 30th of December each year by all Connecticut Fairs in order to retain their non-profit status. See form for statutory reference and detail.     

Instructions on how to apply online.




Animal  Importer Registration Agricultural Liming Materials Registration
Animal Shelter License Commercial Fertilizer Registration                    
Commercial Kennel License
Dog Training Facility License
Fertilizer: Tonnage Reporting Form
  Fur Breeder’s License
Fruit Storage, Controlled Atmosphere Registration

Pet Grooming Facility License

Fruit/Vegetable Crop Protection (Noisemaker Permit)                   
Pet Shop License

Poultry Slaughter License

Registration of Animal Feed Products

  Registration of Manufacturing Facilities  for Commercial Feed, Animal Food and Pet Treats 
  Seed Agricultural Lawn or Vegetable Labeler License 
  Soil Amendments Registration
  Voluntary Honey or Maple Syrup Producer Registration