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Livestock Importation Permit

   Steps to follow to import livestock into the State of Connecticut. Applicable to hooved mammals and camelids (alpaca/llama). The health requirements for livestock imported into this state can be found here.  

Please note, you DO NOT need an import permit for equines. Equines may enter this state on an official interstate health certificate or certificate of veterinary inspection with an official equine infectious anemia (Coggins) test certificate which states, that such equine has been officially tested prior to being imported into this state and found to be negative to equine infectious anemia within a period not exceeding twelve months prior to the date of entry.

The following information is necessary to obtain a livestock importation permit.

Connecticut destination: Complete name, street address (no PO boxes) and phone number, email address is optional;

Origin information: Complete name, street address (no PO boxes) and phone number of the place of origin of the animals.

Species, breed, sex and number of each to be imported.

To obtain the livestock importation permit:

Call 860-713-2508 during business hours (M-F, 8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.)

After hours leave a voice mail message with the requested information or send an email to with all the necessary information.

If you call, Connecticut Department of Agriculture staff will issue an import permit number over the phone, or by email if we have an email address.

A livestock importation permit form will be mailed or emailed to the buyer/importer.

The buyer/importer returns the completed, signed and dated livestock importation permit along with a copy of the health certificate or Certificate of Veterinary Inspection that accompanied the animals into this state.

Mail:  Connecticut Department of Agriculture
         Bureau of Regulatory Services
         450 Columbus Boulevard, Suite 702
         Hartford, CT 06103

Fax:   860-713-2515, or