Information for Retirees


If you have any questions or to schedule your range time, please email or contact Imisa Rivera at 860-685-8011. Once your range day is scheduled, the below two forms will need to be SUBMITTED and RECEIPT ACKNOWLEDGED prior to your scheduled range date.

The State of Connecticut and the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection assume no liability by issuing this authorization. Retired personnel are reminded that, as a retired Connecticut State Police trooper, they possess no official authority to act on behalf of the State of Connecticut or the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection in any law enforcement capacity whatsoever. The Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act of 2004, and the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act Improvements Act of 2010, provides no authority for anyone to act in the capacity of a law enforcement official.


No ammunition is allowed in the class room.

There is a maximum of 15 people per session. You will be allowed to qualify with up to two (2) handguns if you are scheduled for a morning session and one (1) handgun if assigned for the afternoon session.  Attendees will provide their own eye and ear (hearing) protection.

Whether for initial certification or re-certification, once you successfully complete the program, which includes mandatory classroom in-service, you will be provided with a photo identification indicating your compliance with LEOSA with the make, model, serial number of the handgun with which you qualified. This identification card is valid for one year.

No alternative dates will be allowed and all training is mandatory which includes classroom and the firearms qualification.

No LEOSA card will be issued to any retiree who is employed as an active law enforcement officer.

A letter of “Good Standing” will be required from all police departments where retiree was employed.

CSP reserves the right to deny admittance to any retiree.

This program is discretionary and CSP reserves the right to modify the policy at anytime.

You will receive no notification regarding the expiration of your credentials. It is your responsibility to attend recertification training next year.


Last Date Modified: 05/06/2019