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LEP Verifications

In specific circumstances, an environmental professional licensed pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes (CGS) Section 22a-133v (LEP) may verify that an investigation of a specific property/establishment/release area/portion of a property has been completed in accordance with prevailing standards and guidelines and that all applicable releases have been remediated in accordance with the Remediation Standard Regulations (RSRs). A LEP may render a verification pursuant to the following:
Investigation, or site characterization, is expected to be conducted in accordance with prevailing standards and guidelines. The Site Characterization webpage provides resources that assist the environmental professional in understanding the standard of care expected when characterizing a site under various Connecticut cleanup programs.
The Commissioner has prescribed the following Verification Forms for LEPs to use, pursuant to CGS Sections 22a-133x and 22a-134a.
Verification Report Guidance Document - Verification Forms are expected to be submitted with the type of supporting documentation described in this Guidance.

Verification Forms

Verifications must be submitted with the Electronic Document Transmittal Form as the cover page, followed by the Verification form, and then the Verfication Report.
Revised Remediation Standard Regulations and Environmental Use Restriction Regulations were adopted on February 16, 2021.  DEEP is revising the Verification Forms.  Until those forms are available, please complete the Verification Addendum Form and attach it to the Verification Form.
Property Transfer Program
These prescribed verification forms are required pursuant to the Property Transfer Program.

Form I:

Form II:

Form III:

Form IV:

Voluntary Remediation Program:
These verification forms are required pursuant to the Voluntary Remediation Program.
Brownfields Remediation & Revitalization Program:
These prescribed verification forms are required pursuant to the Brownfields Remediation and Revitalization Program.
RCRA Corrective Action

This prescribed verification form is required pursuant to the RCRA Corrective Action Program.

LEP Verification Audit Program

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