Client Concierge Service



To access DEEP’s expert assistance, begin by requesting a pre-application meeting about your particular project. For projects that are particularly time-sensitive, complex or require multiple permits, you may then be assigned Client Concierge Service to provide an added level of assistance through the permitting process.

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 Here are just a few of the types of projects that can benefit from our Client Concierge Service:
  • Projects involving COVID-19 response, including projects important to the state’s economic recovery from COVID-19;
  • High-visibility projects, including those identified as high priorities by local governments;
  • Projects with multiple permitting requirements or cross-cutting programmatic needs (see our Farm-based Anaerobic Digesters Environmental Permitting fact sheet);
  • Projects addressing waste organics;
  • Energy-generating facility projects (see our Information for Solar and Offshore Wind Environmental Permitting fact sheets);
  • Economic development projects, including projects located in an Enterprise Zone or Opportunity Zone;
  • Brownfield projects;
  • Transit-oriented development projects;
  • Green technology projects; and
  • Projects identified through the joint prioritization of Commissioners of DEEP and DECD.

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