The Municipal Team

Headshot of Bea Milne

Bea Milne
Client Concierge Team Member

Bea is a professional engineer who has worked with DEEP for over 30 years, in addition to 5 years in environmental consulting. She enjoys working for DEEP’s mission to protect our environment and promote reliable energy and is dedicated to public service.


Headshot of Camille Fontanella

Camille Fontanella
Director, Office of Innovative Partnerships and Planning
Client Concierge Team Lead 

Camille is a geologist who has worked at DEEP for 20 years, in addition to 7 years in environmental consulting. She brings her strong scientific background to coordinating and building environmental programs, problem solving, and bringing people together to protect human health and the environment. She currently serves in the Commissioner’s Office as the Director of the Office of Innovative Partnerships and Planning and as the Concierge Team Lead. Roles of this office include permit assistance, assistance for municipalities, and stakeholder outreach.


Darren Wright

Darren Wright
Client Concierge Team Member

Darren is an environmental analyst with 11 years of experience working in the private and public sectors. Darren’s background includes waste and recycling management, and environmental permitting for transportation projects. He brings his experience of working in a variety of industries to help problem solve and to protect the environment of Connecticut.


headshot of Emily Tully

Emily Tully
Client Concierge Team Member

Emily is an environmental analyst with more than 15 years of experience as an environmental consultant, planner, and regulator. Her background includes municipal climate change adaptation and mitigation program assistance; regulation of stormwater, residential wastewater, and potable water systems; contaminated site investigation; and federal, state, and local environmental and land use permitting. Her experience on multiple sides of the stakeholder table allows her to help people and businesses work together to conserve, improve, and protect the natural resources and environment of Connecticut.


Photograph of Ethan Van NessEthan Van Ness

Senior Advisor on Intergovernmental Affairs

Ethan is a career public servant who spent nearly a decade as a policy expert for the U.S. House of Representatives before recently moving home to Connecticut. He is firmly committed to serving the public and promoting DEEP’s mission of protecting our environment and ensuring access to affordable, clean energy.


Photograph of Harrison NantzHarrison Nantz

Deputy Chief of Staff

Harrison is a political strategist with 10 years of experience working in various roles in and around state government. Harrison’s background includes direct state lobbying, advocacy, and policy development in Connecticut. He is deeply committed to the mission at DEEP and helping advance meaningful policy.


Photograph of James Fowler

James Fowler
Senior Advisor on Outreach and Engagement

James is an accomplished communications professional across public and private sectors with a wealth of experience in marketing, public relations, communications, and digital strategy. James excels at navigating digital landscapes, strategic planning, and fostering impactful partnerships.



Jessica Bilyard

Jessica Bilyard
Client Concierge Team Member

Jessica is an environmental analyst with over 15 years of experience in environmental consulting. Her background includes site investigation and remediation, stormwater services, and contaminated soil disposal management. She merges her extensive background with her commitment to environmental conservation in her dedication to advancing DEEP’s goals.