Environmental Justice

"...no segment of the population should, because of its racial or economic makeup, bear a disproportionate share of the risks and consequences of environmental pollution or be denied equal access to environmental benefits." CTDEEP's Environmental Equity Policy, 1993

Environmental Justice Public Participation

Visit the CTDEEP Environmental Justice Advisory Council (CEEJAC) webpage

Effective immediately, all Environmental Justice Plans shall be submitted for review by email to Edith Pestana of the Environmental Justice Program at edith.pestana@ct.gov

CTDEEP Environmental Justice Public Participation Plan:  Guidance on Remote Engagement for Public Information Meetings

Update: Effective November 1, 2020Public Act  20-6 An Act Concerning Enhancements to State's Environmental Justice Law updates section 22a-20a of the Connecticut General Statutes (CGS) (formerly Public Act 08-94, effective January 1, 2009) enhancing public participation.

Section 22a-20a CGS along with the Department’s existing Environmental Equity Policy, requires applicants seeking a permit for a new or expanded "affecting facility" that is proposed to be located in an "environmental justice community," to file an Environmental Justice Public Participation Plan with and receive approval from the Department prior to filing any application for such permit. Refer to the  following documents for the definitions of "affecting facility" and "environmental justice community" and guidance to comply with section 22a-20a CGS and the Environmental Equity Policy.

Content Updated January 2022