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  • Connectivity is essential to living in today’s increasingly digital world. More and more, people are conducting the business of their daily lives virtually, be it working, learning, managing health, banking, or any number of tasks that not only add ease and efficiency to life, but are fast becoming requirements of participation.
  • For many in our state, especially those in low-income and underserved areas, barriers to connectivity remain. The Office of Telecommunications and Broadband works to remove those barriers, by developing equitable policies and programs that will significantly expand access to fast, affordable, and reliable internet service, providing all residents and businesses of Connecticut the economic and social benefits of broadband access.

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The State Broadband Grant Programs administered by the Office of Telecommunications and Broadband will enable residences and businesses to connect to broadband infrastructure for affordable and reliable service.  In July 2022, DEEP released a Request for Information to inform the development of upcoming broadband infrastructure deployment programs.   


COVID19 Rescue PlanThe 2021 American Rescue Plan Act Coronavirus Capital Projects Fund

The 2021 American Rescue Plan Act Coronavirus Capital Projects Fund allocated $10 billion for states to invest in high-quality, modern infrastructure to support communities’ critical needs as they recover from the COVID-19 public health emergency. The CPF supports investment in the construction and deployment of broadband infrastructure projects that are designed to deliver service that reliably meets or exceeds symmetrical download and upload speeds of 100 Mbps.



Underserved Broadband InfrastructureConnecticut Broadband Infrastructure Program

The Connecticut Broadband Infrastructure Program is designed to support the statewide goal of universal access to broadband. In 2022, the Governor and Connecticut General Assembly allocated $42,966,125 in American Rescue Plan Capital Projects Funds to get residents and businesses connected to broadband through a grant program for “low-income/multi-family curb-to-home and business broadband infrastructure buildout and underserved areas”. Learn more



The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act established six broadband programs with the goal of closing the digital equity gap and providing broadband access to the entire country. The largest of the new programs is the Broadband Equity Access and Deployment Program which provides states with funding to support broadband infrastructure deployment and adoption in unserved areas, underserved areas, and community anchor institutions.


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CT Office of Policy and Management logoThe Office of Policy and Management GIS Office leads efforts to map broadband access, adoption, and use in Connecticut, supported by federal and state agencies, internet service providers, and wide variety of local governments, advocacy organizations, and research institutes.


Consumer Council logoThe Office of Consumer Council advocates for consumer interests with respect to public service companies, electric suppliers, and telecommunications providers.




CT Department of Administrative Services logoThe Connecticut Commission for Educational Technology is empowered by the General Assembly through CGS § 61a to envision, coordinate, and oversee the management and successful integration of technology in Connecticut's schools, libraries, colleges and universities.



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Content last updated June 2022