Forestry Grants and Financial Assistance

America the Beautiful Grants

To further the advance of urban forestry in Connecticut. The funds have gone to such diverse projects as tree planting, street tree inventories, tree maintenance programs and the design of tree guidebooks.
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Eligible Parties: Municipalities and non-profit organizations
Availability: Annually
Range of Awards (in dollars): $8,000 maximum award; 1 to 1 match required.
Agency Contact: Doug Emmerthal, 860-424-3635

Volunteer Assistance Grants

Provides assistance to Fire Departments for the prevention, control and suppression of fires, which threaten human life, livestock, crops, pastures, orchards, woodlands, farmsteads and other improvements.
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Eligible Parties: Fire Departments that serve towns with populations under 10,000 people per the 2010 census
Availability: Annually
Range of Awards (in dollars): $2,500 maximum award; 1 to 1 match required.
Agency Contact: Kevin Grady, 860-455-0699


Grants and Financial Assistance