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CHEAPR is EVolving!

The CHEAPR pilot program is currently transitioning to the new CHEAPR program established under Public Act 19-117. The new program will offer rebates for both new and used electric vehicles! The CHEAPR board is reassessing current program incentive levels for new EVs and evaluating the implementation of the used EV incentive component. Current incentive levels will remain in effect until the new CHEAPR program is launched later this year.  Stay tuned, incentive levels may change in 2020.

Program Resources

For more information on electric vehicles, electric vehicle charging stations and associated available incentives, please visit EVConnecticut for tons of great resources and reference materials.

You can also find answers to many of your CHEAPR program questions on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

CHEAPR Implementation Manual

This document provides a more detailed discussion of all program requirements for auto dealers and others who are interested in CHEAPR.

CHEAPR Implementation Manual

CHEAPR Consumer Overview

This document provides a quick overview of the CHEAPR program for consumers.

CHEAPR Consumer Overview

CHEAPR Eligible Vehicle List

This is a downloadable version of the CHEAPR Eligible Vehicle List. You can also view eligible vehicles on the CHEAPR Eligible Vehicle List Webpage.

CHEAPR Eligible Vehicle List

CHEAPR Program Advertising Poster/Flyer

The following CHEAPR program poster/flyer can be used for advertising in auto dealerships that sell electric vehicles. Can be printed as a large poster or printed as a one-sheet handout.

CHEAPR Advertising Poster/Flyer

CHEAPR Program Logos

Logo Files are provided in encapsulated post script (.eps) and .jpg or .png formats for auto dealer marketing activities.

CHEAPR Logos (.zip)

EVConnecticut Logos (.zip)


Content last updated April 1, 2020