Arts Awards and Recognition

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  • Artist Fellowship Program

    Provides recognition and funding support for CT artists to pursue new work and advance their artisitc careers.

  • Connecticut Arts Hero Awards

    These awards honor and celebrate individuals who are doing extraordinary things in, for and through the arts.

  • Emerging Creative Award

    This award highlights a breakthrough creative leader who is starting to blossom as an impactful and innovative contributor to the Connecticut art scene.

  • Governor's Arts Awards

    Recognizes remarkable individuals and organizations for excellence and lifetime achievement in the arts.

  • Lifetime Achievement Award

    Honors an individual who has made sustained contributions of outstanding significance to and/or through the arts.

  • State Poet Laureate

    Learn about this honorary position created to help promote the appreciation of and participation in, poetry and literary arts.

  • State Troubadour

    Find out about Connecticut’s State Troubadour, selected to help promote musical and cultural literacy throughout our state.