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The Division of Criminal Justice is responsible for the investigation and prosecution of all criminal matters in the State of Connecticut.


Hartford State's Attorney Issues Reports on Police Involved Shootings

Gail P. Hardy, State’s Attorney for the Judicial District of Hartford, announced today that she has officially issued four reports concerning the investigation into the use of deadly force by police officers.

The reports have been made available to the families or representatives of the deceased and to the police departments involved in the use of force. The reports also are available to the public on the Division of Criminal Justice website at

“I again wish to extend my condolences to the families of the deceased for the loss of their loved ones and my deepest apologies for the time that it has taken to complete these reports,” State’s Attorney Hardy said. “I am also publicly committing myself to the timely completion of all such investigations in the future.”

“I also extend my apologies to the police officers involved in these cases who have also waited longer than they should have had to for the formal reports on these investigations,” State’s Attorney Hardy said.

The reports summarize the results of the investigations conducted by the State’s Attorney as required by Connecticut General Statutes Section 51-277a. State’s Attorney Hardy expressed her appreciation to the Connecticut State Police for their work in these investigations.

The reports released today are for the investigations into the July 11, 2012, death of Ernesto Morales in Hartford; May 19, 2011, death of Edmanuel Reyes in Manchester, January 1, 2009, death of Taurean Wilson in East Hartford and the March 3, 2008 death of Joseph Bak in Hartford.

The reports do not include the investigation into the April 20, 2019, fatal shooting of Anthony Vega Cruz in Wethersfield. The investigation is continuing and at this time the report is not considered untimely.